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Versatile ISR/Strike Aircraft

The Scorpion has an all-composite airframe powered by twin turbofan engines with a tandem cockpit, retractable sensor mounts, internal payload bay, and external stores carriage for precision and non-precision munitions. Its modular architecture allows unencumbered future integration of multiple sensors and weapons, minimizing non-recurring expenses.

Aircraft Length 43 ft 6 in
Wingspan 47 ft 4 in
Height 14 ft 0 in
Standard Empty Weight 11,800 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 21,250 lbs
Max Internal Fuel Load 6,000 lbs
Max Internal Payload Bay 3,000 lbs
Thrust ~8,000 lbs
Max Speed 450 KTAS
Service Ceiling 45,000 ft
Ferry Range 2,400 NM

  • All-Composite Airframe and Structure
  • Reduced Fatigue and Corrosion Issues
  • 20,000 Hour Service Life

Scorpion’s Modular Mission System is built on open standards to maximize operational flexibility over the life of the aircraft and drastically reduce the costs associated with integrating new subsystems and updates.

  • Allows for additional sensors and weapons with minimal integration costs
  • Provides flexibility and scalability to expand capability by adding additional applications and graphics processing hardware
  • Based on certified avionics components


The Scorpion’s two cockpits use modern, multi-function color displays to present flight, aircraft performance, navigation, and weapons information.

  • Built-in Flight Management System
  • Class-B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
  • Engine Indicating/Crew Alerting System (CAS)/Master Caution
  • Dual Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems
  • Dual Global Positioning System/Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GPS/SBAS)
  • Display of External Video (Mission Processor, EO/IR, etc.) – Sensor Agnostic
  • Integrated Moving Maps Including Highway in the Sky Functionality
  • Weather Radar Controls
  • Night Vision Compatible
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Digital Flight Playback


The Scorpion is powered by two turbofan engines that together produce approximately 8,000 pounds of thrust. The engines are directed by a Digital Electronic Engine Control and supply conditioned bleed air to the pneumatic system. Accessories mounted on the engine gearbox power electrical and hydraulic systems. The engines can operate on Jet-A, JP-5, and JP-8 jet fuels.


The Scorpion’s internal payload bay provides critical operational flexibility to quickly incorporate new payloads, scaling tactical systems performance to meet operational capability needs. With its modular partitioning, loading, alignment and retention system, the payload bay can accommodate a variety of sensors, fuel, and communications modules in the most appropriate capability mix to meet a diverse range of mission performance profiles.


  • Scalable
  • Precision Munitions

Scorpion Fact Sheet