A Bold New Direction In Flight


From Synergy to Scorpion

The realization that a significant gap existed between turboprop light attack and 4th and 5th Generation Multi-Role Strike Fighters was the impetus for the creation of both Textron AirLand and Scorpion.

Textron AirLand assembled a team of engineering, prototype manufacturing and flight test experts in an advanced design and innovation facility to first bring Scorpion to flight. Textron AirLand maximized the use of non-developmental proven components and subassemblies, which reduced program cost and risk, and accelerated speed to market.

Proven Technology … Pushed Further

Scorpion incorporates proven components and technologies to create an exceptional aircraft that delivers more operational and tactical capability at reduced acquisition and operating costs.

Those components and technologies include:

  • Certified avionics from Garmin
  • Ejection seats from the T-38C program
  • Proven Honeywell TFE-731-40AR engines
  • Dual Hydraulic Flight Control System from Citation X optimized for Scorpion mission profiles
  • Wheels and brakes from the Citation Sovereign
  • Electrical generation and distribution based on Citation CJ4
  • Environmental Controls Systems based on Sovereign and CJ4
  • Hydraulic Systems based on Sovereign and CJ4

 * Suppliers and technologies listed above are for prototype only.

An Impressive Pedigree

Textron AirLand’s parent company, Textron, and its business units, Bell Helicopter, Textron Aviation (Beechcraft and Cessna) and Textron Systems, have developed some of the most capable aircraft in the defense market, including the Beechcraft AT-6 and special mission King Air, Cessna special mission Citation and Caravan, Bell V-280, V-22, Bell AH-1Z “Zulu,” Bell UH-1Y “Yankee,” and the Textron Systems Shadow and Aerosonde unmanned aircraft. Beechcraft also makes the best-selling military training turbo prop in the world, and the Cessna A-37 Dragonfly is one of the most effective light attack jets for global operators for over 50 years and still in service today. TRU Simulation + Training, Inc. a Textron Company, is also a leader in flight simulation solutions for leading defense aircraft.