Textron AirLand, LLC is a joint venture between Textron Inc. and AirLand Enterprises, LLC with the purpose of designing and manufacturing an affordable, capable jet platform based on commercially available technologies and processes for the tactical military jet aviation market.


Today’s tactical military aircraft market is predominantly served by high-cost, high-performance jet fighters or low cost, slower turboprop aircraft. The Scorpion is designed to deliver the speed and range across the broad middle of this spectrum in an economical configuration that has been unattainable – until now.


Textron AirLand has the single-mission objective to rapidly design, build and fly the world’s most affordable jet, capable of performing lower-threat battlefield and homeland security missions.


By leveraging systems developed for Cessna business jet platforms, common technology and manufacturing resources, and standard commercial and military components, Textron AirLand is meeting the demand for more warfighting capability at an exceptional value.

The Future

Scorpion is the first affordable, U.S.-built, tactical aircraft in decades and will benefit U.S. and partner nations requiring a modern, economical aircraft to address diverse threats. Scorpion enables partner nations to fly their own security missions and—if needed—to operate during coalition operations.